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PDF Brochure for TOGAF Exam Preparation Course   training course
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The TOGAF 9 Examination Preparation course covers both the Foundation and Certified Levels (Level 1 and Level 2) and includes a full real-life case. This intensive 4-day course covers the entire syllabus for the TOGAF 9 Foundation and Certified Levels, preparing candidates for the TOGAF Part 1 and Part 2 examinations.
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TOGAF – Version 9.1 is the current version of The Open Group Architecture Framework.
This course is intended to enable Practitioners to understand how to use TOGAF in their organization and prepare for the examinations which are an essential new feature of TOGAF Certification. Successful candidates who pass the Open Group’s examinations will be certified at TOGAF 9 Practitioner Level (Level 2).
TOGAF, from The Open Group, is the world’s leading standard for Enterprise Architecture frameworks. Using TOGAF to help drive your organization’s architecture and technology strategy and implementation ensures that IT Solutions are aligned to Business Goals and that essential aspects of the enterprise’s architecture including the Business Architecture, the Information Systems Architecture and the Technology Architecture are both well understood and properly integrated and synchronised.
Qualified delegates who have completed this course will be able to use TOGAF to:

  • Optimize, across the Enterprise, the often fragmented legacy of processes
  • Provide a strategic context for the evolution of IT Systems to meet the real needs of the business
  • Provide the right balance between IT efficiency and business innovation
  • Promote a more efficient and responsive IT operation
  • Achieve better value from investment and reduced risk for future investments
  • Enable faster, cheaper and simpler procurement of IT and Technology solutions

The course is classroom based with syndicate exercises based on a case-study to support practice exam papers. In addition there are bespoke options for future support and mentoring.


TOGAF states that an ‘Enterprise’ is any collection of organisations recognizable by a common set of goals.
The architecture of an enterprise is defined as the fundamental organization of that enterprise, embodied in its components, their relationships within the environment, and the principles governing their design and evolution.
As the formal description of the enterprise it is the properly organized and detailed plan of the components of the enterprise. TOGAF considers four essential domains of architecture across that plan: Business, Data, Applications and Technology.


This course is aimed at people who already have some knowledge of Enterprise Architecture, perhaps through using TOGAF 8 or other architecture frameworks or individuals who have been exposed to IT strategy and change programmes.
The first two days cover the TOGAF foundation programme whilst the second two days explore detailed development of an architecture leading to practitioner certification via the formal Open Group examination process.


This course provides coverage of all the Learning Outcomes required by the TOGAF 9.1 certification process

    • Value proposition for Architecture and TOGAF 9
    • Introduction to TOGAF 9
    • The Architecture Development Method (ADM)
    • Architecture building blocks and patterns
    • Architecture Repository
    • TOGAF Content Framework and Metamodel
    • Selecting Architecture tool-sets
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Principles based Governance of Enterprise Architecture
    • Architecture Implementation Support Techniques
    • Business, data, application and technology architecture Artefacts
    • Opportunities and Solutions
    • Migration Planning and Governance
    • Architecture Partitioning, Iterations and Levels
    • Adapting the ADM – SOA and Security
    • Capability Maturity Models and Skills Framework
    • Case Study
    • Exam technique
    • Practice Examination Questions


    These courses are delivered by very experienced Enterprise Architecture professionals who are themselves Certified Practitioners in TOGAF 9 and have delivered numerous EA projects and many TOGAF training courses.

  Fees in £
- £1,450.00 + VAT
Optional Exam Fee - £275.00 + VAT
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