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This course is an excellent primer for IT specialists seeking to gain a better understanding of their business and those looking to move into Business Analysis and Enterprise Architecture roles.
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Background and Objectives

There is a vast amount of material in circulation about business, organizations and management, from get-rich-quick guides to biographies of well-known business leaders, from material suitable for light reading on aeroplanes, to material intended for academic study. There are also any number of prestigious business schools and high-powered consultancies, churning out hundreds of books every year, presenting simple yet powerful ideas that will magically transform the business world.

This one day workshop provides a concise overview, which will help you to evaluate, integrate and use a broad range of practical ideas for business, organization and management.

Typical Audience

The workshop is ideal for:

  • Those with an IT background but with little business knowledge and experience, who want a rapid introduction to business theory and practice.
  • People with business experience but no formal business education, who want a conceptual framework

This course also serves as a useful introduction for related courses in business analysis and business architecture.

Training Approach

The course offers a rapid survey of a very broad range of business, organizational and management topics, together with a collection of resources for further study. There are some brief case studies for group discussion.

Outline Schedule

Making Sense of Organizations

  • Business and Environment
  • Viable Business
  • Leadership Style

How Organizations Work

  • Taylorism and Work Processes
  • Organization Structure
  • Technology and Work
  • Sociotechnical Systems

How Organizations Feel

  • Organizational Behaviour – Group Dynamics
  • Bureaucracy and Adhocracy
  • Culture and Empowerment

How Organizations Interact

  • Business Strategy and the Competitive Environment
  • Supply Chain
  • Service-Oriented Enterprise
  • Business-as-a-Platform

How Accounting Works

  • Financial Results and Ratios
  • Non-Financial Measurement – Balanced Scorecard
  • Management Accounting and Decisions – Forecasting and Budgeting – Business

How Management Thinks

  • Decision-Making and Policy
  • Command and Control
  • Organizational Intelligence

How Organizations Behave

  • Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Business Ethics, Corporate Governance,  Social Responsibility
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1 Day - £550.00 + VAT
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